20 Oct 20:12
21 hours ago
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I spent like a half hour looking for our new kitty in my room where she’s been hiding since we got her. And was super sad when I couldn’t find her.

So, I was watching TV, then I went to make dinner, and my sister was like “You know the cat’s under the couch right?” Like the whole time I was sitting there she was hiding under the couch xD

20 Oct 19:53
21 hours ago
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Whenever a guy sleeps with lots of girls he is a “player” but whenever I do it I’m a “lesbian”

I laughed to hard

20 Oct 19:53
21 hours ago
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You want to know what used to really really scare me when I was little?

The thought of being able to look out my window and see someone looking back. And not because that’s creepy in and of itself, because I don’t think I even thought about/ realized that, but because my bedroom was on the second floor. And the thought of someone/thing that tall like… really scared me? xD I used to be afraid I’d see my dog looking in my window sometimes too. Like… wtf idek

20 Oct 13:26
1 day ago
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No, but someone talk to me about clearly Ravenclaw Gareth. 

About how he doesn’t come from a place of needing to control everyone, and be in charge like the Governor. How he’s not coming from a place of emotion like Shane. How he’s very logical, and “Well this is just how it has to happen now.” 

Like really

19 Oct 20:37
1 day ago
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                                                                       Donna was a different story.
                                                                       She    touched     so   many.
                                                                       They          ALL         came.

I realized Carl hasn’t been wearing his hat recently in twd comic. 

And I was like “well, it’s not a wood whittling dork hat”

19 Oct 20:24
1 day ago
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# yeah


if dinosaurs are dead then explain how they casted the dinosaurs for jurassic park

19 Oct 20:20
1 day ago
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i saw a baby with a shirt on that said “Santa doesn’t exist but its okay because i can’t read yet”

19 Oct 15:01
2 days ago
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(requested by anon - happy bday!)