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you ever forget you’re in a tag and you’re just like why are all the posts on my dash about macaroni and cheese??

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The Walking Dead Meme || (4/10) Characters

∟ Carl Grimes

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Now, videogames haven’t made me violent, but they have made me feel like I’m supposed to pick this up.

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don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved Batman since I was a tiny child, but I think we all need to come to terms with the fact that he has the personality of very grim yogurt

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What if Quidditch isn’t even a big deal in the states sort of like Soccer isn’t. What if we have a totally different sport named Quidditch, and call Quidditch something else (like Soccer…)

I’m just saying…

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cat people are so hardcore though like dog people don’t play you gotta train your dog not to hurt you in any fashion but you go up to a cat person and they have like scratches and claw marks and bites and they look like they just got out of battle and you’re like “WHAT HAPPENED” and they just “oh dexter just loves me so much!” like ?????? cat people

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*someone who ive never met befores follow forever shows up on my dash* *im not on it* what the fuck

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FACT OF THE DAY:  it’s apparently not okay to raise 16,200 seagulls from birth, train them every day in the art of aerial warfare, and then unleash them upon a medium sized township